Oryon (pronounced Orion like the constellation) has come a long way from his days as a shy kid growing up in small-town Wisconsin. In a world where most people around him knew Hollywood as a far off fairytale, Oryon was determined to make that fairy tale a reality.


At the age of twelve, Oryon began his career as a child model, appearing in catalogues and department store advertisements. Just one year later, tragedy hit home when his cousin was killed by a drunk driver. The dramatic loss inspired Oryon to start a non-profit organization called Teens Against Drugs.  The organization ultimately led to the first of his many entertainment opportunities and appearances. Oryon, who was then known by his first name Craig, presented various awards to celebrities, like Paula Abdul and Deborah Gibson, where they were recognized for being positive role models for youth.


When most 17 year-olds were looking forward to their last year of high school and entering college, Oryon opened his own model and talent agency instead. Coming from humble beginnings, the agency originally opened its doors in a cramped one room office above a photography studio in Wisconsin. It has since grown to become one of the best kept secrets in the mid-west, often booking models for such high profile clients as Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo, Skechers and more.


Modeling eventually piloted Oryon into music. After a brief stint in not one but two boy bands Oryon embarked on a solo career. Shortly after making the move to Los Angeles, Oryon quickly became a regular among the local Hollywood Music scene. His popularity and theatrical live shows eventually garnered him the attention of a local casting agent. Through that chance encounter,  Oryon was eventually cast as an aspiring singer in the after-school break special Against Their Will, where he made both his acting and musical debut by recording his first song Bump & Grind for the show’s soundtrack.


At a time when the internet wasn’t yet the media’s super highway, Oryon quickly realized its potential and value.  Acting as his own Agent, Manager, Investor and Publicist, Oryon sold a staggering 80,000 units online. Several more wildly popular CDs would follow, establishing Oryon as one of the most successful independent artists at the time. The single "Naked" went on to become a #1 club hit in various markets & charts and was also featured on the hit HBO series "Six Feet Under".  In 2005, the emotional ballad "I Will" produced by hit-maker Charles Fischer (Savage Garden, Air Supply) was featured on the popular TV show “The O.C." and it became a runaway hit on the Billboard Top 40 peeking at #28.  Several tours followed for Oryon, often appearing with such well-known artists as Jessica Simpson, BB Mack, Shaggy, Vitamin C and many more.


Since then, Oryon has received numerous awards for everything from sales to songwriting. He was also presented with the coveted “Key to the City” from then Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas - Jim Daily. Oryon has appeared in virtually every popular teen celebrity magazine, including Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and Pop Star.  In 2009 Oryon signed with AGR Television Records Germany & The Universal Music Group. Most recently he was approached by Warner Brothers executive & friend Stuart Krasnow for his own possible reality show.


In a business where connections are everything, Oryon is quick to point out that he does not have connections...he has relationships. He has shot with many of the top photographers in the business, worked with some of the best producers and directors in television, film and video plus he's developed solid friendships with some of the most successful agents, managers, casting directors and editors in the industry. Those relationships are what makes Oryon and his company Oryon Artists truly unique, enabling him to help other aspiring artists and talent in achieving their dreams.