Movies & Productions

Currently in pre-production with the indie film "Trax" and the reality show pilot "Role Model" starring Janice Dickinson.


Most Recent Productions include:


"Bravo TV Star Lisa Vanderpump" (PSA & Documentary). Without a doubt our most meaningful prodution to date. The PSA for Lisa's "Stop Yulin Forever" campaign & March that we produced at her Beverly Hills home featured A-list celebrities like Sharon Osbourne and it is now being turned into a documentary!


"Various Music Videos"

We have been busy shooting several videos for some great up & coming artists including: Ali V., Ashlee Marie (who just made a televised appearanceat a live Veterans event in L.A. courtesy of Oryon Media), Sean Rion, Abby Ryan,  Michelle Bergh & Gia (who was slected to sing the theme song for the Mac Greeman Foundation Updates Coming Soon!  


"High School Drama"

We recently co-wrote & produced the Netflix inspired pilot for "High School Drama". We worked with some amazing writers, producers & casting directors. The show is like a modern day "Breakfast Club" meets Glee" where 5 unlikley charctaers are thrown together in High School Drama class & form a very unlikley bond. Trailer To Be Posted Soon!  


"The Joe Show" (Pilot) starring actor Joseph Castanon who starred as Adam Sandlers son in the hit film "Click" & from the successful show "Ghost Whisperer".  The Joe show is a sketch comedy/interview show geared towards the Disney crowd. We completed work on the show in late January early February of 2010.


"Bro's Vs Mo's"  (Pilot) starring former NFL star and author/singer Esera Tuaolo. The comedy game show pilot pits Straight men against gay men in sports and his hosted by Tuaolo. The show was recently pitched to Stewart Krasnow Productions in Los Angeles.


"Pop Rocs" (Pilot) Teen dance party show to launch in connection with the teen celebrity magazine of the same name. Reminiscent of "American Band Stand" and "Dance Party USA". Starring TJ Wilk (of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Season 1 & 2 Fame).    


"Killer Cove" (Feature Film/former working title "Slaughter Cove") This teen horror film was produced in association with MEB/Mark Berman Productions who's credits include films with A list celebrities like Dennis Hopper.  


"Space" (Short film/music video) Starring Nikki Rodriguez in association with Kenzie Productions.


Various Music Videos, Industrials, Commercials, Red Carpet Events & Concerts (stills and footage coming soon).  


Detailed list of productions, stills and clips from past and current projects available upon request. If you are a client looking for a no obligation quote for your up coming production please feel free to contact our office direct at (952) 921-8250 (Minneapolis) or (310) 229-5745 (Los Angeles) or feel free to email [email protected]

Oryon Media Production Reel


Joseph Castanon - Click Premier


Kelly Crook - Can't Stop Music Video